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We have grown from a small local supplier to a highly trusted national provider.



We are committed to ensure all products meet the highest food safety standards under Federal regulations. Quality control and consistency are essential to our success.

Through our HACCP program, our QA team constantly monitors production with precise record keeping, maintaining the integrity of our products.

GMPs and our HACCP program are operational guidelines that together, enable us to produce food safely at the highest standard under federal guidelines.

No process in the food industry can exist without one vital aspect – temperature control. It is the foundation of the food industry, and the key, to not only protect against pathogen growth, but to ensure shelf life and quality.


We Appreciate
Our Customers

Angel Lynn Adams ( Facebook )

Best chorizo I've ever had! I add it to the ground beef in my's really makes our chili a little different from the rest!

Kristin D. ( Yelp )

My husband and I have been on a mission to figure out where the sausage comes from at our favorite breakfast spot for the past year now.
Finally I got some one on one time with the owner of the breakfast spot and I asked,
"Where do you get your sausage links from? They're delicious!"
"Thank you! Detroit Sausage Company."

I did some research, called the distributing center and they are open to the public from 6:30am-12:30pm M-F.
Luckily my husband had a day off and stopped in to pick us up a case of the 2oz breakfast links for $25. A BOX of sausage for $25 when you're paying $4 for 12 at your grocer, AND it's locally made?! What a DEAL!
The case comes frozen, so I just pull out and defrost what I need the night before.
Honestly if you try these, you'll never go back to what is sold at your favorite grocery store. They will be the star of your next breakfast spread.
They also have other varieties of sausage i.e. Italian sausage, English bangers, chorizo, etc.

Mazzin Najor ( Facebook )

My Daughter Zoey LOVES Detroit Sausage! It’s Her Favorite and Ours! Best Breakfast Sausage!

Stephanie Dion ( Facebook )

A business worthy of 5 stars! Quality products, honest owners and fair prices!