We are committed to ensure all products meet the highest food safety standards under Federal regulations. It starts with the establishment’s knowledge of not only it’s own operation, but knowledge of the production of incoming raw materials from outside sources. Letters of guarantee from our suppliers is a requirement, and it is our responsibility to validate that the health of animals are protected.

Quality assurance

It is a team effort here at DSC. We have systems in place to safeguard against contamination. Through our HACCP program, our QA team constantly monitors production with precise record keeping, maintaining the integrity of our products throughout the cold chain.


Good Manufacturing Practices

GMPs and our HACCP program are operational guidelines that together, enable us to produce food safely at the highest standard under federal guidelines. Some of the key principles of these systems include qualified personnel, sanitation procedures, adequate space, suitable equipment, routine testing, correct labeling, materials and containers, and suitable storage and transport.


Temperature Control

No process in the food industry can exist without one vital aspect – temperature control. It is the foundation of the food industry, and the key, to not only protect against pathogen growth, but to ensure shelf life and quality.  From incoming raw materials to processing, storage, and transport, temperatures are maintained, and records are kept for full traceability. We have state of the art freezer facilities with computerized temperature control and 24 hr monitoring. Our stored frozen products at DSC are held at – 10 degrees.

Dedication to our Community

As a family, we feel we have responsibility to help our community. Through our city's highs and lows, we have always tried to support those in needs as well as donate to foundations we believe in.

  • Operation Give
  • St. Jude's Childrens Hospital
  • Wounded Warriors Project